The Law of Attraction

"You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you're going to learn about the Hidden Secret Teaching techniques for
The Law of Attraction.

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100% of all successful people use the Law of Attraction to their advantage, even if they are not aware of it!"
The people that are aware of it learn more about it. They become more prosperous from it as they practice it.
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They continue to gain and learn more, everyday advancing 10 years in front of the rest.


"Think about making use of The Law of Attraction to Increase your Life's Goal Success Rate."

Think About It...

"By the time you finish reading this page another Random Manifestation from your Thoughts will appear into your Physical Reality."


Consider this...
"Do you want to understand the control you have over the Manifestation?"
"The control for creating the Best possible outcome, not just Random?"


When was the last time you..
"Thought about someone and they called or showed up?"
"Thought about something and it appeared... a physical transition from thought into reality?"
(Yes, Just like a wish that came true.)

FACT: We do this everyday and most people label it a Coincidence, or... Random.


Consider this...
It is only a Coincidence or Random to those who don't understand the Controls, much less the Law of Attraction.


When was the last time you understood how to connect with your subconscious mind,
and soon after, receive Exactly what you wished for??

Wouldn't you like to start using these easy and powerful methods for yourself, starting now?
Every person on the planet has these abilities.
People like Opera, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama use their abilities in very diverse directions but all have one thing in common.
They Understand the Law of Attraction, and use it to their full advantage for success throughout life.
They are Incredible intelligent people using a simple but little known subconscious technique naturally


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This is a life long journey, because the more information you wish for, the More will appear for you!
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The Secret Audio

*Listen to this Eastern Enlightened Master closely under headphones until it clicks and becomes clear to you.

This is Clear Reinforcement for "The Secret" with specific "How To" instructions on Manifestation. Remarkable Priceless Information on Audio.
Keep it in your portable device! This is a Direct Audio link from a recorded phone seminar directly related to the Law of Attraction.

The Secret Prayer

*Did you know that there are 4 specific phrases you can repeat in your head to clear negative energy?

You can clear your mind along with the Universal energy In and around You by utilizing this Secret Technique.
It's Beautiful, and you will Love how simply this works.
Smarties will teach you what to say!

The Secret Flow

* Have you ever hear the term "Go with the Flow?"

This Secret author will reveal how to Attract what you wish for in an incredible way.
Learn techniques for applying "The Law of Attraction" with her informative hard bound book, and CD audio companion.
Smarties gives you a direct link to this authors website for purchase, and an overview of how the technique works.


The Secret Key

*So you say an old dog wont learn new Tricks?

Print your Father or Mother these pages in chapters (or Steps) and they can read about the Law of Attraction as it was written in 1915. This amazing Master gave the Key to the Secret long before movies or books revealed the information.
Smarties includes a secret link for this PDF download so you can Instantly read, save or Print you own copy.
It is said that Bill Gates read it early in, and his empire is founded on it's principals. Over 350 Pages Long!

The Secret Course

*Smarties leads you to a Gifted psychic and intuitive counselors' website.
A Law of Attraction expert!

Here she shares her Meditation Audio program and 60 day E-book course, Free!
She Gives away her Free CD download, and 126 page E-book! Her only request is that you tell a few friends, and she accepts donations if your feeling generous.

The Secret Universe

*Are you Ready for More Meta-Physics?(seth Author Jane Roberts.)
And what I mean by Meta-Physics is Complex. This book is literally the "how to guide" of the universe. When you Understand the mechanical controls, you'll have a much better time with the comprehension curve.
Some Consider this a "Bible" for the whole New Age movement.
Smarties provides the direction. This Book was written in 1994, and still carries a 5 star rating from Amazon readers. This Secret Revealed is a Life Changer.
It certainly changed mine!
I Highly Recommended Owning A Copy!

The Secret Volume

*Speaking of Life Changer...
Wayne W.Dyer has authored more books than most people have read in a lifetime.
His written words and seminars have positively changed countless numbers' of lives.
Smarties will lead you through the maze and show you which is his works is most important!
The Law of Attraction for Smarties will give you the Link to which book volume he wrote that is Directly in Tune with the The Law of Attraction. Mr.Dyer has alwaysknown and used the Law of Attraction for self success, and this One particular book will teach you how. ( Its easy to get lost in a sea of self help books, especially when the volumes are as deep as Mr. Dyers' )
A Super Secret!

The Secret Frequency

*Smarties will lead you to a Music CD series that will allow you to experience your Deepest Conscious Meditation (the Delta State) with Delta Frequency waves.
An important place to bewhen connecting with your Subconscious mind... Manifesting Wishes into Reality.

The Secret Documentary

*Have you watched the On-Line Law of Attraction Movie yet?
Most people think you need to see this remarkable film directly from of the hard to find DVD. Smarties solves the issue by showing you the pay-per play-back link to the greatest movie ever produced on the Law of Attraction. Gather your friends, purchase your on-line ticket and watch the show together or at your own pace. It even has an online pause button. The site is Friendly for dial up connections and near Full Screen on Cable or DSL. This Website is one you will want to share with your family and friends.
Find the Link with Smarties!
"In my Opinion, this Secret is worth the price of this entire e-book!"

The Secret Jung Psychology

*What Do you know About Jung Psychology?
Listen to this Free Recorded Audio Lecture titled : "The Mysteries of Money" A discussion exploring the Psychology of Money and it's Meaning.
Smarties gives you the location of this Free resource-media audio. " Listen and Learn!"

The Secret Plan

*What About Synchronicity?
Smarties will show you a book that Explores a strategic action plan to attract perfect customers, clients and associates. The tools and Processes in this remarkable authors book will teach you exactly what to do. Use this Law of Attraction technique to manifest everything you wish for with simple adjustments to the strategic action plan.

The Secret Man

*My friend Joe is an amazing Spiritual marketing genius. I have read so many of his books, all of which are drop jaw intelligent. In a book he published 5 years ago he gives you a 5-step wealth creating solution. As a true Law of Attraction Guru should, he appeared in the now famous movie "The Secret", and recently on Larry King Live.
Smarties give you a the link's to his Best 3 books.
Get to know Joe's work and you will find yourself an honest to God Spiritual Success Mentor. "An amazing gentleman Indeed."

The Secret Vision

Would you like to learn the Art of Visualization Techniques?
This Opera Winfrey recommended author proves how using mental imagery and affirmation will produce the most Positive changes in every aspect to your life. Learn meditations, exercises, and techniques from this classic Bestseller with over 2 million copies sold since 1978. It has been revised over 35 times for perfection and I have just finished the 1995 edition. Remarkable miracles will manifest for you after absorbing this material. Smarties will lead you directly to it. "An Incredible Thrill Ride in this Book! -Pass it along to your Family and Friends!"

The Secret Bonus

*The final addition to this Remarkable Smarties E-Book includes:
An Attached Free 11 X 14 Fine-Art Down-loadable Display Print!
The "8 Secrets of Universal Focus" Image file will be attached for you to Download and Print.
Reading the words on this fine-art will heighten your vibrational energy every day.
You can simply post it on the fridge for all to see and read, reminding you that Wishes do come True! (and it's all up to you!)
Or frame it as inspirational wall art. Print it as many times as you like to give out as Message Gifts! Spread the Love, Introduce your loved ones to understanding the Law of Attraction.
"Read & Reinforce Manifest Your Wishes Into Reality Every Day!"
Be a Mentor to your Loved Ones with the ways of -The Law of Attraction!

One Last Secret

So Tell me...
"When was the Last time You came across Random information like this?"

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Understanding the law of attraction is also recognizing when a wish has manifested, and taking immediate action.

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